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Body Hair Transplant in Dubai

Body Hair Transplant
  1. What is body hair transplant (BHT)?
  2. Which areas of the body can serve as donor sites?
  3. Who is a suitable candidate for body hair transplant?
  4. What are the important considerations regarding BHT?
  5. What are the limitations of body hair transplant?

  1. What is body hair transplant (BHT)?

Traditionally, the surgeons have been using scalp hair for a hair transplant. A traditional hair transplant extracts donor hair from the donor area of the scalp, and plants them in the balding area.

There are certain situations where the body area gets involved in the transplantation procedure. We can imagine one common scenario where a person wants to restore his hair, but do not have sufficient donor hair on the scalp. In such situations, a body hair transplant in Dubai can be the last ray of hope!

In such scenario, a body hair transplant Dubai (BHTD) can extract donor hair from body areas like chest, legs, back, etc. and plant them in the required areas in the scalp.

There are many cases where people want to grow hair on their body areas. It is a common practice to grow hair on beard and chest areas in many societies.

This kind of transplant may be called BHT or body hair transplantation. However, it is generally called beard hair transplant and chest hair transplant respectively. The term “body hair transplant” or BHT is usually used when body serves as donor area to restore scalp hair.

  1. Which areas of the body can serve as donor sites?

With the modern FUE method of hair extraction, virtually any body part with sufficient number and quality of hair can serve as a donor site. The most popular donor areas for a body hair transplant in Dubai include:

  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Beard

When the surgeon extracts donor hair from these body areas using FUE, it leaves pinhole scars. If you are considering a body hair transplant, make sure to discuss the scarring issue with your hair transplant surgeon.

  1. Who is a suitable candidate for body hair transplant in Dubai?

To be a suitable candidate of BHT, you must have sufficient number of donor hair on your body. And it is not only the number that matters! Your body hair must be of adequate thickness and length, so that they can match your hair on the head as much as possible.

  1. What are the important considerations regarding BHT?

Your surgeon will extract body hair using the FUE technique that requires a great deal of expertise. FUE is also used to extract hair from the scalp; however, extraction of hair from body areas requires even more expertise and experience. So, if you are considering BHT, you must choose a surgeon experienced in performing such surgeries. An experienced surgeon will consider several factors. Some of these important factors include:

  • The growth direction of the hair
  • Skin type and its characteristics
  • Hair follicle depth under the skin
  • The length, thickness and structure (straight, curly, wavy) of the hairs
  • The compatibility of body and scalp hair
  1. What are the limitations of body hair transplant?

Surgeons have not studied or practiced BHT in as much detail as they have done the normal scalp hair transplant. So, there are only few surgeons that can perform body hair transplantation in Dubai with some degree of confidence. Even if a surgeon has experience in performing BHT, the results will have a high degree of variability. You cannot expect the results of BHT to match with the results of a pure scalp transplant. Although, when we transplant body hair into the scalp, they adopt some characteristics of scalp hair, they will remain shorter and different from scalp hair.

Due to these limitations, surgeons recommend BHT as a last resort. However, for many people, BHT seems the only way to restore hair on their head. Furthermore, you can have good results by using a combination of scalp and body hair for your hair transplant.

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