Eyelid surgery in Pakistan
Eyelid surgery in Pakistan
May 5, 2017
Comfortable and Economical Metro Cars
Comfortable and Economical Metro Cars
July 8, 2017

Who can have a Hair Transplant?

Hair loss is a common problem that is often treated with hair transplant. It is noteworthy that a treatment like hair transplant, the only surgical solution for hair loss patients, has a very lenient criterion. Any individual who has lost his/her hair due to male pattern baldness and has sparse hair supply at the back and sides of the scalp is a suitable candidate for hair transplant in Islamabad. People who have spot baldness can also benefit from the treatment. Find out the suitability criterion for hair transplant.

Can I have a hair transplant?

Basically, hair transplant is used to treat hair loss issues in men and women who have male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is characterized by loss of hair from frontal hairline and crown while the individual may or may not lose hair at the back and sides of the scalp. Here are some points that further decide who can have a hair transplant.

  • It is not recommended at a younger age because your future hair loss pattern is not decided at that time. Surgeons prescribe that men should have their treatment at least after 25 years of age. Hair transplant at an early age can create abnormal patterns of hair at a mature age.
  • Individuals who have experienced serious bleeding issues or blood clotting disorders may not be found good candidates for hair transplant.
  • The individual must not be allergic to anesthesia.

The best candidates of hair transplant

Although, most of the hair loss patients can have a hair transplant in Islamabad, following lines describe some attributes that the best candidates have:

  • Hair loss must not have affected hair at the back and sides of the scalp. Hair transplant uses hair follicles from these areas and so it is necessary that the person should have hair supply in these areas.
  • It is good if the individual has thick and coarse scalp hair. Thick and dark black hairs give denser appearance even if smaller number of hair follicles is used for hair restoration.
  • Good candidates of surgical hair restoration have dense hair at the back and sides of their scalp. It means more hairs are available to create a natural looking appearance in bald area.
  • Hair transplant gives better and more natural looking results in people who have less contrast between the color of their hair and scalp skin.
  • Blacks are among the most suitable candidate for hair transplant because they have dark and curly hair that curl and cover more area. A hair restoration even with few hair grafts gives better results. Also, they have dark scalp skin that is least visible if it is bald.

Hair transplant is the only surgical solution which gives permanent in an area that has lost its hair permanently. It does not involve much intervention on your body tissues which is another reason people like to have it. People who have wide foreheads or bald crowns are often treated with a hair transplant. Do you want to know your prospects to have your hair loss treatment?

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