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September 16, 2017
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Chairman PTI Imran Khan Speech PTI Hyderabad Jalsa


Imran Khan Speech PTI Hyderabad Jalsa:

“I first and foremost want to thank and welcome the youth, the elderly and especially the women who have come forward here today. Thank you for this grand welcome. Sheikh Rashid said that the people of Hyderabad have won his heart; you have not just won his heart but mine too! People of Hyderabad, listen to me with focus today because I don’t get an opportunity to speak to you often. I want to start my talk today by talking about our religion which tells us that no nations fate is changed till that nation does not try to change its own situation. If a nation is being suppressed with injustice, it will never rise or be free of it till it does not struggle on its own. This kind of a Jihad is mandatory for us; to stand in the face of injustice. The injustices being inflicted on you people of Sindh, believe me… when I was coming from the airport, I have never seen so much rubbish in any other part of Pakistan that I have seen around here today. I have not seen so much filth and pollution. 21 years I have spent roaming Sindh; believe me your situation has become worse not become better. This is why I am here to ask you for a promise; that I will fight the tyrants of Sindh and you have to support me in this.

Sindh’s biggest illness is Asif Zardari.

Since 30 years; since before he came into politics…. he used to sell Bambino cinema tickets in black. His father used to have 150-acre lands; today he is the owner of over 1 Lakh acres. He owns 19 sugar mills, palaces in France and London… hotels in London and other places. Why don’t they get jobs in Pakistan? Are they distributing money abroad? No, they go because when they work hard they at least earn accordingly when they go out. The system we have in Pakistan; the ones who work the hardest…. the farmer, the labourer, the entrepreneurs…they never get the fruits of their hard work. Meanwhile who gets rich? The children and families of these corrupt. I want to ask Bilawal; what is this hard work that you did that you became head of PPP. Have you ever worked a day in your life? You talk of changing this country….
The awaam. That’s who they loot in return then. Madam Faryal Talpur; tell us…. the jobs sold in Sindh…. who makes money off of them? I ask again from Zardari and Farhan Talpur… how much money will be enough for you? How much more money will you make? Do you not know we all have to go to our graves eventually?

The people of Sindh have been destroyed; from the farmer to every weak section of society….

Till I am alive I am here to fight for you; and together we will make our Naya Pakistan InshAllah!” – Imran Khan


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