7 Practical Guidelines Essay Writing Service Providers Adhere to
7 Practical Guidelines Essay Writing Service Providers Adhere to
April 28, 2017
Treat Acne Scars with Laser and Chemical Peels
Treat Acne Scars with Laser and Chemical Peels
May 5, 2017

Creative Thinking


Part 1- Identification of Two Professional Challenges:

Challenges in the professional life are inevitable. The life in the working phase is almost full of adventures and new tasks which are as much daunting as you are vigorous to do these. There are many other issues which make the life much difficult in a way it is not supposed to be. This very idea is very fascinating that life is interesting. The interest in life is invoked by accepting and adeptly solving these challenges. major five challenges of my professional life are listed as;

  1. Meeting my deadlines on the jobs in addition to being effective and efficient
  2. Managing married life
  3. Competition in the workforce and its consequences on me
  4. Work-life balance and its implication on my life
  5. Keeping superiors happy as much as I can

Among these five, two most demanding and challenging questions are; my work-life balance and competition in the workforce. These are the most difficult based on the two things. Firstly, it is always difficult to maintain work-life balance, especially when you are in a progressing phase of your professional life. Secondly, competition in life is never ending, it keeps on tolling till death. As the author says in “The Prince”, that life ends when its miseries end. The same notion fit perfectly here (Puccio, Mance, Switalski, & Reali, 2012).


Part 2- Mind Map of Each of the Two Questions:

The mind map of both the questions which are marked as the most challenging among the five described above, is given in the appendix. This mind map is helping to point out the consequences and the implications of supposedly difficult challenges. The mind map created is provide with all five challenges and then in the next step the more daunting challenges are outlined. To make the task of evaluation clearer, the two supposed difficult challenges are further explored to identify the issues and concerns relevant to these challenges.

Part 3- Evaluating Mind Maps

Mind maps are helpful in prioritizing the issues and then branching them out from one to the other in order of appearances in mind. One thing is most interesting here that there is nothing technical. You just think and draw its pattern of your thoughts. It will lead you ultimately to your success.


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