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August 28, 2017
Ultherapy in Pakistan: Lifting Without Surgery
August 29, 2017

Eyelash Hair Transplant in Islamabad

Eyelash hair transplant

Eyelashes add a mysterious and fascinating beauty to your eyes and make them look fuller and bigger. Usually, women like to use mascara or fake eyelashes to add this beauty and charm to their eyes. Men are not very far on this track either. They also know the importance their eyelashes carry for overall looks and appearance. But what about fellows who have lost their beautiful eyelashes may be due to a disease, burn, trichotillomania, infection, trauma, surgery, eyelid malignancies, reaction to medication or an exposure to radiation. Perhaps you have never thought about it but, such incidents result in loss of eyelashes temporarily or permanently.

Eyelash hair transplant in Islamabad is an excellent treatment if you want to regain your eyelashes that you used to have once. It is similar to normal hair transplant procedure that is often carried out for males who suffer from male pattern baldness. In case of an eyelash, hair follicles are obtained from the back or sides of the scalp through follicular unit transplantation. Very tiny holes are created in eyelids where hair growth is required and hair follicles are placed in these holes. Once transplanted hair follicles develop blood supply, they start growing hair and you notice your eyelash back.

Advantages of Eyelash hair transplant in Islamabad

For sure, there are some considerable benefits which collectively make Eyelash hair transplant in Islamabada success.

  • Having new eyelashes is definitely the most significant benefit of an eyelash hair transplant. Your eyelashes are returned once and for all!
  • Unlike fake eyelash and eyelash implants, transplanted hair give you natural eyelash which stays with you the rest of your life. It needs minimum care and does not need any medicine or cosmetic product for proper maintenance.
  • Eyelash hair transplant in Islamabad is a ray of light for those patients who have lost their completely lost hair growth from eyelids. Although there are other treatments as well which can work if you still have hair follicles left, not procedure other than hair transplant can give you entirely new eyelashes even if you lost them completely.

What to consider before deciding for eyelash hair transplant:

Being an excellent procedure does not mean that anybody can have it nor does it imply that it will not have any risks or complications. Find out what you should consider before considering eyelash hair transplant.

  • Transplanted eyelash needs high maintenance. You need to trim and curl your new eyelash regularly if you want to give them a proper appearance.
  • In some cases transplanted hair shows irregular growth pattern. It happens when natural direction of hair if not taken into consideration during surgery.
  • Hair transplant is a right choice if your hair follicles are damaged and have lost their hair growing ability forever. But if you have some hair growth at eyelids and you just want to make them thick then, there are other treatments that can be used.
  • Who have excessively curly hair cannot have an Eyelash hair transplant because their hair follicles are not perfect for transplant.
  • Lost your eyelashes due to a disorder like trichotillomania? you must treat it first and then before going for transplant.

Eyelash hair transplant in Islamabad can make you attractive and charming once again with your new eyelashes. Please feel free to contact us if you want to more about the procedure.

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