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August 22, 2017
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If Facelift is not Your Thing, Why Not Try Botox?


Cosmetic surgical treatments have become really popular in reducing the symptoms of aging but a botox treatment fights wrinkles effectively and it is relatively more reasonable and affordable. There are other treatment options available if you are not down for an invasive surgery like dermal fillers, laser treatments but botox tops the list.

Here are few reasons for choosing botox over a facelift surgery

Skin Condition

If your face is not covered with deepened lines and wrinkles, you should not think of undergoing a facelift surgery. You need to make sure that you pay for only what you need.


If you are scared of making incisions around your whole face, a facelift surgery might not be for you. Botox is a minimally invasive procedure that effectively removes the appearance of lines or wrinkles.

Sutures or Staples

Undergoing a cosmetic surgery involves a great deal of discomfort. You might have to stay in hospital or you will stay in your room for many days. You need to go for follow-up visits for the removal of sutures, stitches or staples. There is no such thing involved in a botox treatment. It does not even require an anesthesia but a topical numbing cream is applied to the treatment area.

Recovery Period

Downtime and a recovery period required after a cosmetic treatment are an important factor to consider. A facelift surgery will require a recovery period of more than two weeks. You are likely to be in pain with a swollen face for 7 to 10 days. If you can’t take off from the work, botox is the right option for you. You can get back to work right after the treatment, there is no such downtime required.


The results of a facelift surgery will definitely be more dramatic but it will take up to a month to show final results. Whereas, the results of a botox treatment will start becoming visible after one or two days after the muscles have relaxed.


The cost of the procedure is one of the most significant factors in the decision-making process. A facelift surgery is going to cost you far more than botox shots. If you are looking for a more affordable treatment option, botox might be the best option.

Potential Risks

A botox treatment involves lesser risks as compared to a surgical process. You will need to follow a long list of instructions given by the surgeon before and after the surgery. Your surgeon must be board certified to execute a safe and successful surgery. It does not mean that you can let an inexperienced person perform botox session. It is important that you go with an experienced medical practitioner for the treatment. However, a botox treatment is far less risky than a surgical facelift.

Botox sessions remove the appearance of wrinkles effectively making a positive impact on your self-confidence and self-esteem. If you aren’t sure about the right treatment option for you, you can talk to one of our cosmetic surgeons. Fill in the given form to get a free consultation at our clinic.

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