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Inspiring Ideas to Make Your Business Card Unique and Conspicuous

Plastic card printing

Your business card is the representative of your company. It lets others understand your areas of operation and provides a way to contact you. Without doubt, you cannot reach everywhere and every person to sell your business. A business card addresses this need and therefore, it is of key importance to have a unique and conspicuous card. Apart from making a card that just stands out with unique plastic card printing, there are some other inspiring ideas that can make your card prominent in a large variety of cards which exist in market. Let’s check some of these impressive ideas.


Add some colors

Using a specific color in your card gives a clue of your area of operations like a card in pale pink or light brown color shows that the card is of some bakery.

Make some space for picture/shapes

A picture on your business card can help your contacts in remembering you or your products or services. You can have your picture printed on the card, a caricature or a sketch and it will help all in remembering you next time they meet you. A picture of your product or service reminds your clients of your expertise with a mere glimpse of the card.

Giving some space to shapes like wrench and tester can be a great way to show that you are dealing in engineering concern.

Change the material

Why always use paper for your card! Using another material like wood or rubber not only differentiates your card and provides a way to your clients to remember you but also makes your business conspicuous. You can get your name and address printed on rubber to show that you deal in rubber.

Use a transparent material with glass like effects, get your name and contact details printed from a plastic card printing service and it would immediately clicks an idea of a company which deals in manufacturing of glass or glass products.

Distribute your message

In fact, your card reaches to people you do not think of and it covers more distance than you do. Then why not distribute your ideas through your plastic card! Get your card folded at one end to form an envelope like shape and add some actual grass seeds in this envelope. Can there be a greater idea to distribute your message of “go green” than this?

Twist the shape

Let’s twist the shape and the card looks great! Go round, square or try a new shape and your card would stand out amongst a pile. Using a shape which resembles a particular medicine will surely give a clue that the card belongs to a medicine company.

Get your URL printed

Adding your URL on your card emphasizes your online presence. You can print your details with emboss plastic card printing and it would be an explicit way to ask your contacts to search you through web.

Use words

No doubt, words have the power to turn the table. Use inspiring words or an appreciating sentence to encourage communication between you and your contacts.

Business card is the first impression of your company. Be conspicuous and stand out and definitely the court is all yours to play!

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