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August 16, 2017
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Laser Hair Removal in Islamabad


Hirsutism or excessive hairiness is always annoying for women. Hairy face can turn a pleasant situation into an awkward one and it can affect your career and eventually your life. People who have excessive hair on their bodies are often seen to have low confidence and they are often fearful to indulge into one to one conversations. These insecurities affect their social, personal and professional lives. Be sure, it is necessary to get rid of unwanted hair in order to enjoy your life like normal individuals (laser hair removal in Islamabad).

Reasons and diagnosis of hirsutism

Women who have excessive hair on their bodies are found to have an increased level of androgens in their bodies. Androgens are male hormones that are also found in women but in smaller quantities. Sometimes, hair follicles become active even when the level of androgen is normal in the body. It happens when hair follicles become sensitive to male hormones. Testosterone, one of the major androgens, not only initiates hair growth but also speeds up the hair growth rate.

Blood tests are recommended to diagnose the reasons of hirsutism. Doctor checks the reports to see if the level of androgens is abnormal in the body. Other values that may

  • Thyroid-stimulating hormone
  • Prolactin
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate

Treatment of hirsutism

Women often prefer traditional methods to get rid of their unwanted hair. These methods include

  • Threading
  • Waxing
  • Epilation

Threading is often preferred for facial areas which is smaller and have sensitive skin. Waxing is mostly used for large body areas like arms and legs. A variation to waxing is known as sugaring that also plucks hair from their roots. Epilation is done with the help of an epilator that is a small equipment to pluck hair.

There are a number of problems associated with these traditional methods that do not make them good choices. One of the major disadvantage is that these procedures do not give permanent or even long term results. Most of the times they do not give you hair free skin for more than two weeks whch means you have to repeat them at least twice a month. It is the biggest difficulty that traditional approaches bear and it forces you to look towards methods that may give you permanent or long lasting results.

Laser hair removal: Laser hair removal in Islamabad is a completely different method from the traditional methods and so far, it is considered the best method for permanent hair reduction. Its benefits are twofold; it burns your unwanted hair and also affects the ability of hair follicles to produce more hair. It means hair follicles would not be able to grow hair in future.

It is necessary to have repeated laser sessions if you want to get rid of your unwanted hair fully. After initial regimen of treatments, you would need repeated treatments to maintain the results. You will have a noticeable decrease in number of your unwanted hair with initial regimen.

The most suitable candidates for laser treatment are those who have light skin tone and dark coarse hair. People who have dark skin tone or light colored hair are more prone to have side effects from laser treatment. However, modern lasers can be used to treat individuals who have dark tone of skin and light colored hairs.

Laser hair removal Islamabad is an excellent treatment for all those women who have unwanted hair. Feel free to benefit from it because it can really do well for you!

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