Google has rolled out Android 7.1.2 Beta
Google has rolled out Android 7.1.2 Beta
January 31, 2017
For years, old age had a bad reputation but a recent research has shown that some of the happiest moments can occur in our senior years. Experts have claimed that the human happiness index is U-shaped: the happiness is high when we are young; it falls during 30s, 40s and 50s due to family and career pressure, and rises again when we are retired. Different surveys have proved that older people are more joyful than the persons in their 30s and above. Older people might suffer from cognitive decline and physical impairment but they have lower levels of anxiety, stress and depression. Researchers working in University of Chicago have found out that with growing age older people gain positive psychosocial characteristics like self-esteem and self-integration. These are signs of maturity essential for enhanced sense of wellbeing. Another team of researchers working in Brown University America have found that younger people aim for big experiences such as falling in love, thrill-seeking and travelling as compared to older people who give priority to daily pleasures and ordinary experiences. This means retirement is not as bad as it seems. Maintain a healthy lifestyle in your young age and you would definitely enjoy your senior years.
The secret to a happy life
February 1, 2017

PSL trophy to be unveiled on 6th Feb

PSL trophy to be unveiled on 6th Feb

The trophy for the second edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) would be unveiled on Feb 6, 2017, at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

The occasion will be attended by the captains of the five playing teams, chairman PSL Najam Sethi, management of the event and franchise owners. Later a news conference will follow the event.

The PSL trophy or Spirit Trophy shimmers with the unique Crystal Fine Rocks. These are made by using more than 50,000 double pointed crystals of Swarovski.

On top of the trophy, there is a multi-faceted Shooting Star made from crystal with precision cut technology.

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