Hair transplant is the ultimate treatment if you want to regrow your hair on scalp or elsewhere on your body like eyelashes, eyebrows, moustache or beard. The best characteristic of hair transplant is that your transplanted hair never halls out. Yes! It is so because transplanted hair are grown using balding resistant hair follicles which are found on the back and sides of head. This feature proves that it is the most superior of all the treatments currently available for hair loss victims hair transplant Islamabad.

How is hair transplant Islamabad performed?

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgery that is performed on an outpatient basis. It means you do not need to stay at the clinic or hospital rather, you will be allowed to go home right after the surgery. In a hair transplant the surgeon takes out hair follicles from the back or sides of the scalp and plants these hair follicles in a bald or balding area.  The procedure is performed either using strip removal method which is a traditional and most widely used method or the modern follicular unit extraction method.

What are some significant benefits of hair transplant Islamabad?

So far, hair transplant is the only treatment that can regrow your hair on a bald area. Although medicines like Rogaine are also used to treat the issue it is noteworthy that medication is not a permanent solution. Hair transplant is a treatment that returns your hair permanently hair transplant Islamabad. It is a minimally painful procedure that does not affect the daily routine or personal life of the patient. Except for some minor changes in the routine, the individual is free to carry out daily businesses.

Are there any risks or complications involved in hair transplant?

hair transplant is a safe procedure and there is nothing like complications or permanent side effects provided that your surgery is done with due care. However, like other surgeries hair transplant also results in some usual side effects which every patient ahs to suffer. These side effects are as follows:

Shock loss: hair loss from treated area that occurs within first ten days after surgery. It happens due to trauma that transplanted hair follicles have to bear because of their relocation hair transplant Islamabad.

Swelling in scalp and forehead: It disappears gradually.

Itching and bleeding from treated area: Shampooing your scalp seven days after surgery may help to relieve itching. Bleeding is usually minimal and it must not worry you.

Scab formation: Scabbing in treated area is not uncommon. Start shampooing your scalp after discussing it with your surgeon. It stops scab formation.

Scaring: Strip removal method results in one linear scar at the back of your head however, FUT gives a number of small, dotted scars which are not easily noticeable in the donor area.

Allergic reaction to anesthesia: It happens when a patient is allergic to anesthesia. however, it is very rare.

If you have lost your hair permanently then hair transplant is perhaps the treatment you need (hair transplant Islamabad). Do not forget to write us if you want to know more about this treatment!

August 25, 2017
Hair Transplant Islamabad

Hair Transplant Islamabad

Hair transplant is the ultimate treatment if you want to regrow your hair on scalp or elsewhere on your body like eyelashes, eyebrows, moustache or beard. […]
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