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April 28, 2017
Eyelid surgery in Pakistan
Eyelid surgery in Pakistan
May 5, 2017

Treat Acne Scars with Laser and Chemical Peels

Treat Acne Scars with Laser and Chemical Peels

Scars are like another trouble right after acne that can appear at any age and anytime in your life. In fact, there is no distinction; any man or woman can become a victim to acne at any point in their lives. Usually, it appears at the time of puberty due to hormonal changes in body. Out of all the changes that teenagers have, acne is one of the biggest ordeals. It leaves its traces in the form of scars that are absolutely not easy to get rid of.

Laser treatment for acne scars

Laser is a popular acne scar treatment. It is performed by a dermatologist in a private clinic or hospital. Here are some significant points that illustrate the importance of laser treatment.

  • It is a simple and straight forward procedure. It treats skin by selectively targeting the trouble area and transferring heat to that area. Heat burns the layer of the skin that contains scars and so all those scars disappear. As the healing process proceeds, new layer appears that does not contain any scars. Any laser which works this way is called ablative laser.
  • Not all the lasers are ablative lasers. Lasers which work by stimulating collagen production in skin thus improving quality of skin are called non-ablative lasers. This collagen makes skin better by filling up the scars and smoothing skin.
  • There is no set criterion to illustrate the suitable age for laser treatment. Generally, all the men and women are good candidates of acne scar treatment if he/she does not have skin allergy or any other skin issue which may worsen with laser treatment.
  • Some usual side effects of laser treatment include swelling, redness and crusting of skin. These are often considered normal and do not take long before they finally disappear. Some complications that rarely appear after treatment are hypo- or hyper-pigmentation, burning of skin and eczema.
  • You must find a good clinic and an excellent dermatologist for your laser treatment because it secures a way to a safe treatment. In some professional settings assistants practice laser treatment. They lack any professional training and you must not have your treatment from any untrained person.

Chemical peels for acne scars

Chemical peels are often used for a number of skin issues like acne scars. Sometimes, it is coupled with laser treatment. In a chemical peel a chemical is used to get rid of the upper scarred layer of skin. Newly formed layer lacks those scars and blemishes.

  • It is an effective treatment not only for scars but also for wrinkles, fine lines, sun burns and other blemishes that appear in the upper layer of skin. A chemical peel gives you clearer skin.
  • There are different types of chemicals that are used in a chemical peel procedure. Dermatologist carefully selects the type of chemical you need after examining the type of acne scars.
  • The use of chemicals which are used for deeper peels may cause some more serious side effects as compared to the peels that only damage the upper layer of skin.
  • Potential side effects of a chemical peel include skin atrophy, milia, erythema, textual changes and changes in skin pigmentation.

Acne scars have been a great issue during the old times but it is no more of an issue with treatments like laser and chemical peel. Have your acne scar treatment and enjoy a clearer skin!


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