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What is a Hair Transplant and How Much Does it Cost in Pakistan?

What is a Hair Transplant and How much does it Cost

The majority of the people take a hairy head for granted until it is gone. This creates stress in their live because most of them don’t have the courage to carry their baldness confidently. They try to cover their heads, sometimes with scarves or wigs. These things are only temporary solutions for people facing hair loss problems. You need to maintain your wig in the best shape, change it after a while and bear the pressure on the scalp due to the wig. Apart from all these problems, you are always under stress that people may notice that you are wearing a wig. The truth is that hair transplant is the only solution for hair loss victims. As it is the only treatment that frees you from all these problems and risks that come uninvited with artificial hair.

What is a hair transplant?

It is the cosmetic surgery solution for all those bald people who want to grow their hair once again. There are mainly two steps involved, first the hair follicles are extracted from areas of scalp with abundant hair supply and secondly these hair follicles are planted in the bald areas of the head. These transplanted hairs are just like the natural hair and no one would know.

How much does the surgery cost?

The cost of hair transplant depends upon a number of factors like the number of grafts required to develop the wanted results, the area to be treated and the location of the surgeon. Hair transplant have the experienced and qualified surgeons who provide free consultation over the phone so you can be estimated how much the hair transplant would cost you.

Is the procedure painful?

Although the patient may be a little uncomfortable during the surgery but it is not painful. Local anesthesia is applied to the scalp and medicine is provided by the surgeon to maintain the required level of sedation.

What are the post-op measures involved in hair transplant?

The patient is required to change the dressing wrapped around the head daily. The treated area must not be exposed directly to the sunlight. To prevent scab formation, shampooing is allowed after two to three days of the surgery. Transplanted hair are permanent and usually, do not fall out as they appear from balding-resistant hair follicles. However, hair fall may occur from the untreated areas. You are going to need a subsequent hair transplant if you want to deal with this further hair loss.

You must not think low of you if you don’t have beautiful hair like others. Come to avail hair transplant, grow your hair and become complete and youthful again. Welcome an amazing change in your life!

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